A Peer-to-Peer networked economy for your digitally enabled business.

With the Burst Digital Goods Store you can open your own shop
and sell your products peer-to-peer with no fees in minutes.
All you need is the Burst Wallet.

You don't want sell your business; you want to run your business and make money doing your business. You do have an existing income stream but you need more funds to expand your business.

You're not taking value from other people, it is actually promoting business activity in a wider distributed scale. You can easily raise money through the Burst Asset Exchange by offering shares of your project. Your project shares will be valued by the free market and on top on that Burst Investors relate to your business as community members.

The Burstcoin decentralized Stock Market is known as the Asset Exchange. You can make money with dividends for owning shares of businesses you can chose yourself. Businesses from people like you on your own main street or any other main street in the world. As there is no intermediary on the Burst Stock Exchange, the trading fees are a fraction of a penny. The opportunities are countless and can be accessed directly from your Burst Wallet. An overview most traded Assets can be found here.

Going from a top-down economy as you know today back to a peer-to-peer economy.

It's about facilitate commerce and circulating and creating value without a middleman.
Without highly centralized corporations extracting wealth of every market.